Center for Kræft & Sundhed København
Center for Kræft & Sundhed København
Københavns Kommune
Nørre Allé 45
2200 København N
Tlf / 8220 5800
Københavns Kommune
Kræftrådgivningen i København er beliggende i centret
Tlf / 8220 5805
Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Huset set fra Nørre Allé. Foto Adam Mørk

Photo Adam Mørk

About the centre

Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health is an option for all persons affected by cancer, including cancer patients, relatives, and surviving relatives.

Among many other things, it is possible to participate in rehabilitation which, depending on the citizen´s wishes, may include diet counselling, physical training, stop smoking courses, and patient education. Citizens can also participate in sessions with psychologists and social workers and discussion groups.

The centre runs an open café where there is always a member of the staff present and ready to meet the citizens.

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Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health provides rehabilitation programmes including e.g. physical activities, education, and discussion groups or sessions. The rehabilitation programmes are for cancer patients living in the City of Copenhagen. A referral from the patient´s GP or hospital department is required to participate.

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The Cancer Counselling Centre in Copenhagen is also situated in the centre. The Cancer Counselling offers sessions on an individual basis, session together with relatives, or in groups with persons in the same situation. Counselling is for all citizens regardless of address.

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The staff members

38 persons work at the health care centre; psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, clinical dieticians, an occupational therapist, administrative personnel, and a large number of volunteers working as support persons.

History of the centre

The Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health opened in the spring of 2007 in Ryesgade at Nørrebro as a part of the Health Care Centre for Cancer Survivors. The number of citizens referred for rehabilitation was 909 in 2013. The new centre can offer rehabilitation programs to 1,500 cancer survivors every year.