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Center for Kræft & Sundhed København
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Københavns Kommune
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Summary in English

Evaluation of the centre

In the spring 2010, Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health (former called the Health Care Centre for Cancer Survivors) was evaluated.
The objective of the evaluation was to describe and evaluate the municipal rehabilitation at the centre.

The results of the evaluation have been published (in Danish) in the book: Evaluation of rehabilitation at the Health Care Centre for Cancer Survivors – Municipal measures 2007 -2009.

The book has a description of the experience gained during the first years of the centre as well as an external evaluation of the rehabilitation programmes provided to the citizens living in the City of Copenhagen.

Summary in English

A summary in English has been published and can be downloaded here.

The evaluation

The evaluation has been carried out by Psychologist Pernille Envold Bidstrup, Anthropologist Mette Terp Høybye, and Professor Christoffer Johansen – all from the Institute for Epidemiological Cancer Research, Department for Psychosocial Cancer Research at the Danish Cancer Society.

Editorial group

The report and the summary are written by an editorial group including:
Head of centre Jette Vibe-Petersen, Nurse Karen Trier, and Communication officer Line Wadum, all from the Health Centre for Cancer Survivors.

“Well, you know – you have symptoms of something and you come here and tell the others about it and they say “I know just what you are talking about, that is how I´m feeling” – it´s a nice experience and makes me feel that I am all right”
- Statement from a man with lung cancer