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Center for Kræft & Sundhed København
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Københavns Kommune
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All citizens, regardless of municipality, can come for counselling at Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health, including cancer patients, relatives, and surviving relatives.

The counselling may include:

  • Sessions with a professional counsellor during the open counselling
  • Participation in self-help groups/discussion groups
  • Participation in activities, e.g. lectures and courses
  • Information about patient networks and what they can offer

It is also possible for the citizens to meet with a psychologist or social worker to clarify her/his situation in relation to needs and wishes. The result of the session might be that the citizen signs up for one of the centre activities, but they might also be advised to use alternatives outside the centre – e.g. with a private practising psychologist.

The counselling sessions are important in terms of guidance as the citizens might not know about other programmes that could be of relevance to them. The citizen may meet with the counsellor for one or more follow-up sessions, but it is not possible to offer long series of sessions. The centre objective is to reach as many persons affected by cancer as possible. Long series of sessions would mean that fewer citizens would get counselling.

The citizens do not book time for appointments, but should just show up in the café. No referral is needed to use the counselling services.

The counselling services are run by the Danish Cancer Society.

“Getting diagnosed with cancer overnight is like skydiving without a parachute. The centre provides me with the parachute”
- Statement from a woman with breast cancer