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Rehabilitation programmes

Most cancer patients will not be able to resume the life they had before they were diagnosed with cancer, but a rehabilitation programme may help them return and adapt to an everyday life that now might include the consequences following disease and treatment.

A rehabilitation programme at Copenhagen Centre for Cancer and Health takes place within a limited time period. The programme is individually tailored for each citizen. The citizen formulates her/his needs for help and support, and actively participates in reaching the goals set.

The programme objective is to support each citizen in a way so that he/she obtains an everyday life and, if possible, a work life of the highest possible quality and activity level.

The programme may contain physical activity such as physical training, mountain biking and kayaking, nature activities, or yoga. Citizens using the centre can also get support and guidance and they have the chance of meeting other persons in the same situation.

Throughout the programme, the citizen will be in contact with professionals and not least other persons who have been or are affected by cancer and know about the situation without much explaining needed.


Citizens can participate in rehabilitation programmes regardless of where they are in the course of disease and participation is the choice of the citizen. Two things are required; they must live in the City of Copenhagen and be referred to the centre by their GP or hospital department.

Contact person

When a referral is received at the centre, the citizen is assigned a contact person. This person calls the citizen within few days of the receipt of the referral and makes an appointment for an interview.

The contact person can be a physiotherapist, a dietician, an ccupational therapist or a nurse. The contact person will be the citizen´s primary collaborator throughout the programme, this to ensure the best rehabilitation programme possible for the citizen.

The citizen and the citizen´s relatives can always call the contact person in case of change of plans, wish for new activities, or if they need to talk about their situation.

The programme

At their first meeting, the citizen and the contact person prepare a plan including the activities the citizen would like to participate in. The result is an action plan that will be adjusted at later follow-up meetings. At the time the citizen complete the programme at the centre, he/she will leave the centre with a prospective action plan.

The citizen´s needs are decisive for the duration of the programme. The citizen´s GP will receive a discharge letter from the centre when the programme is completed.

“Many of us, who have had surgery for colon cancer, thought that some of the exercises would make us split right down the middle. But then the physiotherapists said, “Come on, you can do it” – and they know exactly what they are doing and know the exercises, and what we can and can´t do. I just think it is absolutely fabulous”.
- Comment from a woman with colon cancer