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2012: The year in numbers

In 2012, 864 cancer patients were referred to the Copenhagen Centre for Cancer & Health for rehabilitation. In addition, 890 persons made use of the offer of counselling sessions at the Cancer counselling (Kræftrådgivningen) in Copenhagen, which is also situated at the centre.

Referrals to rehabilitation

In 2012, the centre had 58 more referrals for rehabilitation compared to 2011, and 78 more referrals compared to 2010.

Referrels to the centre 2009 – 1012.

In 2012, of the 864 referrals to rehabilitation in total, 351 (41%) were referred through rehabilitation plans (genoptræningsplaner (GOP)), 427 (49%) used the centre´s own referral form and the remaining 80 (9%) were referred by general practitioners.

Requests for counselling at the Danish Cancer Society

There were 890 requests for counselling in 2012. This is 236 more than in 2011 and 282 more than in 2010.

Requests for counselling sessions in the cancer counselling.

Diagnosis groups among the centre users

The three most frequent diagnosis groups among the persons referred to rehabilitation and persons requesting for counselling sessions can be found below. Previously, the vast majority of the users were women with breast cancer. This has changed, and we now see more persons from other diagnosis groups at the centre

Diagnosis groups among the centre users in 2012

We expect the number of referrals and requests for cancer counselling to be gradually increasing over the year – especially now, when we have moved to the new and larger house at Nørre Allé.